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Barbara Pirringer, BA ​

studied Media and Communications Consulting at the University of Applied Sciences St. Pölten and spent one term at the Cracow University of Economics studying International Business. You will get to know her as consultant, conceptionist and copywriter.
She loves her MTB as well as enjoying the diversified landscape in Lower Austria.

Wolfgang Rechberger, BSc   

studied Media Technology and Media Design at the University of Applied Siences Hagenberg. The young creative turns strategic concents into efficient design on paper, screen or in 3D. (visit wolfgang-rechberger.com)
Design is his private passion too but he feels like home sitting at the piano, jogging or shooting a few hoops. 

Recent work

Novetus Gmbh

Exhibition-rollups for the gold find of Ebreichsdorf

Kuratorium Pfahlbauten

Augmented Reality Web-App for Vienna Ball of Sciences 2018

swisspor Austria

3d-Visualisations of insulation systems including assembly Instructions

swisspor Austria

3d-visualisations of roof systems

Hydroconnect GmbH

Conception, Layout, Text und Printmanagement of Hydroconnects brochure about the hydrodynamic fishscrew 

Sapere Aude - Association for promoting political education

Layout of the annual report 2014

TR-Tec GmbH

Relaunch for TR-Tec

  • Printdesign
  • Website
  • Animation
  • Text

TR-Tec GmbH

2-D show real for the network access software netADIT by TR-Tec

TR-Tec GmbH

Multilingual responsive Website for Softwaredeveloper TR-Tec

Wolf Steel VertriebsgmbH / NAPOLEON®

  • Full-Service concerning Marketing, Advertising and PR
  • print and graphic design
  • online and digital performance

Sapere Aude - Association for promoting political education


  • Layout annual report
  • technical realisation of website and newsletter

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